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R & D

The UNI Difference is seen as our Engineering and Product Development support team is considered to be "mission critical" by our customers. Our engineering team is often perceived as an extension of our customer's organization, essential to his success in designing and developing new products. With over 10 years of cumulative experience and knowledge, our team can help you reduce the time required for the development cycle, enabling your company to get to market faster and at a lower cost than your competitors. Whether it's optimizing a plastic part deign or helping you with UNI on a complicated assembly, UNI…

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Tooling Tooling

Uni-moulding toolmakers are skilled craftsmen with decades of hands-on experience. Their ability to carefully machine and finish blocks of steel into high-quality, functional production tools is truly unique. Uni-Moulding toolmakers are experts in crafting a variety of molds including:blow moulds, compression molds, insert molding tools, hot runner molds, IML/IMD moulds, stack molds, two shots molds. The Modeling Discussion / 3D Measurement / CNC Processing / Heat Treatment / EDM Processing / Dimensional Measurement &Mold Fitting / Polishing / Mold Test / Product Packaging PROCESS CONTROL Get the service

Clean Room Injection Moulding

For the time being now, clean room technology is no longer for medical products. Largely dust free ambient conditions have a positive influence on the quality of molded products.You can get many benefits from it: Individual, defined and product-related ambient conditions Production of commodities with limited particle or germ concentration Minimizing dust formation in relation to the production environment Continuous product protection from production to shipment Reduction in the number of defects and rejects Safeguarding delicate production stages and cycles Economically comprehensible approaches to solving problems Integration of peripherals that make sense So you can have them applied in many…

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Project Management & Outsourcing

Project management: Project management is a key success for manufacturing custom injection molds, it can take 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the complexity of the moulds. During this time, there are specific processing that must be well organized and conceived for the project to move forward. Our project management team will develop a schedule based on the delivery requirements. Defining the scope and setting standards occurs during this planning process. The strategy gives us the information necessary to keep a mold moving in a consistent manner. By using the chart allows our team to track activities and make time…