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Clean Room Injection Moulding


Clean Room Injection Moulding

For the time being now, clean room technology is no longer for medical products. Largely dust free ambient conditions have a positive influence on the quality of molded products.You can get many benefits from it:

  • Individual, defined and product-related ambient conditions
  • Production of commodities with limited particle or germ concentration
  • Minimizing dust formation in relation to the production environment
  • Continuous product protection from production to shipment Reduction in the number of defects and rejects
  • Safeguarding delicate production stages and cycles
  • Economically comprehensible approaches to solving problems
  • Integration of peripherals that make sense

So you can have them applied in many different fields as:

  • Medical products (e.g. disposable syringes, inhalers, etc.)
  • Packaging (e.g. stoppers, containers for medicinal tablets, etc.)
  • Outer shells (e.g. IMD decorative components, mobile phone casings, etc.)
  • Optical components (lenses, magnifying glasses, screens, etc.)
  • Consumer Electronics industry (e.g. DVDs, microchips, etc.)