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Plastic Chair Injection Mould
Plastic Chair Injection Mould

Injection moulding is a manufacturing process for producing parts by injecting material into a mould. Injection moulding can be performed with a host of materials, including metals, (for which the process is called diecasting), glasses, elastomers, confections, and most commonly thermoplastic and thermosetting polymers.

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Compression molding is a method of molding in which the molding material, generally preheated, is first placed in an open, heated mold cavity. The mold is closed with a top force or plug member, pressure is applied to force the material in contact with all mold areas, heat and pressure are maintained until the molding material has cured
The advantage of compression molding is its ability to mold large, fairly intricate parts. Also it is one the lowest cost molding methods compared with other molding like transfer molding and injection molding, gives little waste on material provides advantage on expensive compounds.
In compression molding, there are 4 important considerations that have to bear in a engineer mind:

  1. Selection of proper amount of the materials
  2. Determination of minimum time required to heat the compound as well as the appropriate heating techniques
  3. The prediction of required force to make sure that every volume of the melt has the desired shape
  4. Temperature of the moulds should decrease rapidly during the cooling process.

Uni-Moulding has been engaged in compression molds design and manufacturing for traffic production and electronic parts since its beginning. And we are getting more and more experienced through our practice, this is our great fortune in this field

 Injection Mould

 Technical  Plastic Products Design,Plastic Mould Design, Mold Maker,Plastic Printing,Ultrasonic welding
 Design Software  UG, PROE, Auto CAD, Solid Work,RHINO etc
 Mold Steel Material  55#,P20,718H, S136H,  LKM2083, LKM2344, 8406, 8407, S136,NAK80, LKM2767
 Mold Cavity  Single/Multi
 Surface treatment  Heat Treatment,Polishing, Texture,  Sand Blasting
 Injection Material  PC,PP,ABS,PE,PMMA,POM,PA etc.
 Manufacturing Machine  CNC, EDM, Milling and drilling machine, Numerical lathe, all types of lathe
 Mold Runner  Hot Runner, Cold Runner, Half- Hot Runner
 Mold Base HASCO, DME, Master Flow, Domestic Standard
 Mold Life  300,000-5,000,000 shots
 Mold Lead Time  18 to 45 days
 Mold Type  OEM/ODM
 Packing  Wooden base