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Rectangle recessed shower niche
Rectangle recessed shower niche

Overall Dimension: 17" x 25" x 3.75" | Inside Dimension: 13" x 21" x 3.75"

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  • SIMPLE INSTALLATION - Insert Into / Snap Onto Cement Board Installation. Pre-fabricated shower niche that is fully sealed, hassle-free, quick and easy installation; makes traditional tedious shower niche installation effortless!
  • OUR GURANTEE - 100% waterproof and leak-proof guaranteed. The old-school traditional hand-fabricated shower niches have high chance of leaking problems
  • OUR MATERIAL - Constructed with light weight and durable ABS material, strong bond with polymer modified thin-set mortar, and resistant to corrosive chemicals and physical impacts

  • VERSATILITY - Can be install vertically or horizontally to suit your needs and design. Dual shelf configuration is best for couples and families

  • Overall Dimension: 17" x 25" x 3.75" | Inside Dimension: 13" x 21" x 3.75"

Recessed Shower Cube Installation Instructions


Step 1

Place Recessed Shower Cube level at desired location with flange facing out. When positioning the unit, make sure Shower Cube located between the 2” by 4” framing members. For some cases, customer need to install Shower Cube in horizontal position, please do necessary modification if needed before install the cement board.  Trace the perimeter of Shower Cube on the cement board and then place the unit aside. Enlarge marked layout by 1/2” on all sides and cut out the cement board.

Step 2

Add a continuous bead of adhesive caulk along mounting flange, then secure Recessed Shower Cube to wall

Important: Thickness of Recessed Shower Cube flange should be minimized to provide a flush wall surface for the finish tile.  Use bonding material (thin-set to feather the edge of the unit for a distance of 4” ` 6” and allow to set firm prior to continuing with finish tile placement.

Step 3

Finish as desired using bonding products suitable for finish surface material being applied.

Note: All Recessed Shower Cube have a predetermined slope for the bottom surface.  This may be reduced or enhanced by using a thicker bed of bonding material at the front or rear of horizontal plane as necessary.  Do not adjust slope to angle backward toward rear of unit.